Tortatos are 1 of 8 scrumptious summer snacks you must try!

Posted on Aug 11, 2014
Tortatos are 1 of 8 scrumptious summer snacks you must try!

Every year since 1955, the Summer Fancy Food Show has rolled into New York during the last week of June. More than 2,000 food producers, from artisanal to ultra-commercial, converge upon the Javits Center to show off their wares, talk shop, and share samples with the food professionals in attendance.

TLK was on the scene this year, scouting out Latin-inspired and sourced products, and testing everything from chips and salsa to chipotle mustard. Here are some of our favorite products spotted (and tasted!) at the show, each of which makes for a great summer snack or condiment. Put them together for an epic Latin-flavored picnic. Here’s what to what to slice up, snack on, and sprinkle on your fave summer dishes.


RW García Tortato Chips

Marketed as “the first-ever half tortilla chip, half potato chip,” RW García’s “Tortatos” are made with white, non-GMO certified organic stone-ground corn and red potatoes. They’re as thick and crunchy as a regular tortilla chip, perfect for dipping in your homemade salsa or guacamole, but lack the full count of fat grams typical of regular potato chips (25% less, according to the makers).

- excerpted from The Latin Kitchen. Read the full article.